Scientist – Microbiological Assay (JP4479)

Location: Thousand Oaks, Ca
Date Posted: 07-10-2018
Job Title: Scientist – Microbiological Assay (JP4479)
Location: Thousand Oaks
Employment Type:  Contract
Business Unit: DSC Cellular Sciences
Duration:  5 months with likely extensions
3Key Consulting Inc. is looking for role for a Scientist with 4+ years’ experience in microbiological assay methods for a global, CA-based, bio-pharmaceutical company.
Job Description:
Microbiology scientist with a minimum of 4 years of successful experience in microbiology laboratories. Provide laboratory bench evaluation of emerging rapid or alternative microbiological methods with minimum supervision.  Secondary responsibilities include:
  • Wash and sterilize glassware used in microbial testing.
  • Prepare samples containing tightly controlled titer range for analysis.
  • Order receive and store lab supplies and reagents for analysis.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Top Must-Have Skill Sets:
  • BA of Science and min of 4 years experience.
  • Knowledge of microbiological assay methods.
  • Ability to perform classical microbiological assays and learn emerging microbiological technologies.
  • Work responsibly with minimum supervision.
  • Good computer skills
Basic Requirements:
  • Proficient and knowledgeable in classical and current microbial techniques.
  • Able to develop study protocols for evaluation, qualification and validation, and complete study reports with minimum guidance, in preparation for new technology implementation.
  • Able to self-assign and complete all tasks when assigned.
  • Proficient in math, general microbiology laboratory techniques and computer skills.
  • Accurate data entry in the electronic notebook system.
  • Understanding Statistics is a plus.
  • Good listening and communication skills.
  • Ability to handle tight deadlines and maintain composure under stress.
  • Must be able to participate and contribute to the team atmosphere as lab space and essential equipment/materials are shared with QC organization.
  • Complete necessary QC micro laboratory training requirement and follow QC procedures to maintain laboratory access and excellent working relationship.
  • Apply root cause and corrective action concepts when resolving problems.
  • Know when to escalate issues, if necessary.
  • Good aseptic techniques are required. Experience in validation of microbiological methods is preferred.
Day to Day Responsibilities:
Wash and sterilize glassware used in microbial testing. Prepare and maintain microbial stock cultures. Prepare samples containing tightly controlled microbial titer range for analysis. Order, receive and store lab supplies and reagents for analysis. Perform other duties as assigned.
Why This Position Is Open:
 Need additional support for the team

Employee Value Proposition:
Gain Amgen experience. Will be working with different technology that will broaden their horizon.

Red Flags:
I need someone who enjoys working in the laboratory. People with project management preference is not desirable for this position.

Interview process:
Phone interviews first. When sufficient of resumes (3 - 5) with right quality and experience, I can start phone interview process any time. In-person afterwards.
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3KC Talent Acquisition Team
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