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Associate Scientist, Chemical Engineer - (JP9951)

Thousand Oaks, CA · Biotech/Pharmaceutical
Job Title:  Associate Scientist, Chemical Engineer - (JP9951)
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA.
Employment Type:  Contract
Business Unit: Drug Substance Technologies
Duration: 1+ years (with likely extensions)
Notes:  100% onsite. Must have Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. This position will require the applicant to be on-site 5 days/week

Posting Date:  03/15/2022

3 Key Consulting is hiring an Associate Scientist/Chemical Engineer for a consulting engagement with our direct client, a leading global biopharmaceutical company.

Job Description:
We are seeking a highly motivated individual to assist in our high-throughput experimentation (HTE) group and to support synthetics process development in Thousand Oaks, CA. The candidate will work closely with our process chemists/chemical engineers to conduct high-throughput experiments and to assist with analytical data processing for high-throughput experiments. In addition to high-throughput support, the position will support the execution of pressurized reactions reactors ranging from 0.0-5 mL to 5 L scales.

Core Responsibilities
  • Support High-Throughput Experimentation in Synthetics Process Development:
    • Collaborate with process chemists/chemical engineers to execute and analyze high-throughput parallel experimentation (HTE) studies for the following:
      • Reaction screening/optimization for chemical reactions (catalysis, biocatalysis, and non-catalytic transformations)
      • Pressurized gas reactions
      • Organic solvent extraction studies
      • Metal scavenger/ remediation screenings
      • Solubility studies of drug substance intermediates
      • Crystallization studies of drug substances intermediates
    • Use various automation and analytical software/hardware to support HTE
    • Maintain good laboratory documentation practices and compliance with electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) guidelines
  • Laboratory Housekeeping/Management:
    • Coordinate with third-party vendors and our laboratory asset management service (LAMP) for preventative maintenance, calibration, and repair service of equipment and instruments
    • Initiate work orders when necessary to assist with set-up of new equipment and/or remove obsolete/life-cycled equipment
    • Clean/decontaminate equipment and hood surfaces contaminated with hazardous materials
    • Maintain laboratory equipment and order replacement or add-on parts/accessories as needed
    • Contact third-party vendors for information and quotes
    • Evaluate and document performance and reliability of lab equipment
    • Manage solid and liquid waste within synthetic laboratories per guidelines
    • Handle incoming/outgoing shipments of tools, ancillary processing equipment and consumables and chemicals to remote client sites
    • Maintain good laboratory housekeeping and adhere to established organizational principles
  • Chemical Library Maintenance:
    • Order and organize laboratory reagents and consumables to support high-throughput experimentation
    • Ensure chemical library maintenance and re-order chemicals as needed
    • Maintain and update list of chemical inventories and ensure that the chemical and reagent inventory system (CRIS) is up to date.

Why is the Position Open?
  • At least 1 year of research experience in chemistry laboratory
  • Computer proficiency
  • Must have Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering

Top Must-Have Skill Sets:
*At least 1 year of research experience in chemistry laboratory
*Computer proficiency
*Must have Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering

Day to Day Responsibilities:
  • Follow procedure and perform laboratory experiments
  • Maintain detailed records in electronic laboratory notebook
  • Maintain chemical inventory and order chemicals as needed
  • Organize laboratory space by following 5S

Basic Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering and experience in laboratory or manufacturing setting (academia or industry)
  • Strong scientific aptitude; attention to detail; technical problem-solving skills; and ability to multi-task
  • Familiarity with good laboratory notebook documentation
  • Trained in basic laboratory safety

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Master’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering
  • Academic and/or industrial experience working in a organic chemistry or chemical engineering laboratory
  • Familiarity with automation, computational chemistry and/or data analytics software such as LEA, Spotfire, Gaussian, and Dynochem
  • Familiarity with analytical instrumentation including HPLC, GC, and NMR spectroscopy

Employee Value Proposition:

Red Flags:
  • No laboratory experience.
  • Needs US Visa sponsorship.
  • Not available to work 5 days/week on-site.
  • No degree in chemistry or chemical engineering.

Interview process:
Phone screening followed by in-person interview.

We invite qualified candidates to send your resume to resumes@3keyconsulting.com.  If you decide that you’re not interested in pursuing this particular position, please feel free to take a look at the other positions on our website www.3keyconsulting.com/careers. You are also welcome to share this opportunity with anyone you think might be interested in applying for this role.

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