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Associate Engineer (JP8375)

Thousand Oaks, ca · Biotech/Pharmaceutical
Job Title: Associate Engineer (JP8375)
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA    
Employment Type: Contract
Business Unit: R&DI, Discovery Sci, App Support
Duration: 4 months.
Job posting date: 3.22.2021
Note: Remote but MUST be okay to report to site in Thousand Oaks from time to time

3 Key Consulting is hiring an Associate Engineer for a consulting engagement with our direct client, a leading global bio-pharmaceutical company.
Job Summary:
  • A local candidate is ideal.
  • Must have sufficient interpersonal skills to be able to communicate with research end-users & remote site support staff.
  • Must be able to lift/move/do minor component replacement on full-size desktop computer systems.
  • Experience with automation is a plus, as well as experience with computer programming, systems, and/or robotics. Previous intern experience is a plus.
  • Position involves support of senior staff in the delivery of projects, particularly for OS reimaging/updating of researcher Linux workstations.
  • Employ basic engineering and interpersonal skills and practices to gather individual user requirements and integrate into customized plan for individual system reimaging.
  • Perform field evaluations of existing systems and execute instructions per plan utilizing troubleshooting and analytical skills to resolve peculiarities of each individual system configuration.
  • Work on site as needed for initial steps of reimaging USTO systems, work remotely for other locations via on-site staff for the hands-on portion of reimaging task.
  • Previous Linux experience required with basic Linux systems administrator experience sufficient to install and configure OS.

Top Must have Skill Sets:
  • Familiarity with Linux Operating System & basic Linux systems administrator experience (root privileges) sufficient to install and configure linux OS.
  • Familiarity with computer hardware (e.g., types of computer cables, hard drives, able to replace basic components such as hard drives if needed, etc.) and physically able to lift, move, and physically work on full size tower desktop computer systems.
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills & able to work with minimal supervision, computer background needed, preferably CS or Engineering degree or comparable experience.
Day-To-Day Responsibilities:
  • Reimage and update existing researcher workstations at USTO and remote sites to current versions of linux OS (Redhat and Ubuntu).
  • Assessing & recording currently installed application software and reinstalling application software on reimaged systems (may be updated versions).
  • Directly work with research end users to schedule downtime, arrange for temporary replacement systems (if needed), and ensure reimaged system are set up to meet end user requirements to resume use.
  • At USTO must be able to go on site to plysically access computer and initiate OS reimaging process (may require minor system servicing such as hard disk replacement), may be required to move or lift system to gain physical access to system.
  • For remote Amgen sites must be able to work with remote site staff to initiate OS reimaging process.
Employee Value Proposition:
Exposure to large biotech company
Opp. for growth - junior position
Red Flags:
  • No Linux experiences
  • Not familiar with computer hardware
  • Poor interpersonal skills.
Interview Process:
Max 5 phone & 3 in-person. Available to start interview 4/01.
We invite qualified candidates to send your resume to resumes@3keyconsulting.com. If you decide that you’re not interested in pursuing this position, please feel free to look at other positions on our website www.3keyconsulting.com. You are welcome to also share this posting with anyone you think might be interested in applying for this role.
3KC Talent Acquisition Team

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